Westcott House / Hatch Studios 2017


June/July 2017 | Springfield, OH

Building on the Westcott Design Studio from 2016, the students this year designed a three-dimensional, free-standing construct, using their own photography of the house as inspiration. I used this piece to mount my own installation, first at the Westcott Solar House, and then, after some retooling and much more content development, at the Hort Club - Rod Hatfield's space - in the Hatch Artist Studios.


The Hatch Studios version cycles randomly through 4 pieces of music, each with beginning, middle and end sections. Each time it cycles it randomly uses one of four different sets of visual media. The samples here are both the same piece of music using two different visual sets. Each cycle takes about 8 minutes in real time. In both the audio and the video, random decision points are built into the piece's internal logic so that there is never a precise repeat of anything.

Overall timing of the pieces are driven by a logic web in Nodal, which controls video in VDMX (mapped onto the piece using MadMapper and two projectors) and audio in Ableton Live. The project in VDMX also listens to all ambient audio via a microphone, and makes detailed changes in the visual material based on spikes at various frequencies.