Pyramid Scheme at Lusio

August 2018 | Seatlle, WA

The second collaboration with Greg Bowman for Lusio: A Night to Awaken. An interactive sculpture and game with touch-based controls, dynamic projection mapping on a metal and paper structure. Players would see a pattern, via LED lights, try repeat the pattern with touches, and if they succeeded their color band would move towards the top of the 'Pyramid'. Greg and I conceived and designed the game logic, and Greg committed it to code.  For player input, Greg connected an arduino-driven touch interface to a bunch of found-object knobs I gathered at Seattle Re-Use. We assembled three control stations, also out of Re-Use materials, and mounted the knobs and LED's on those.  The structure's frame was parts of several broken tents, which held some perforated pieces of paper I'd been making for other sculptural pieces. I created the video content and built the "output", visual, end of the software.

This piece depended on a bunch of software, including state manipulation in Nodal, visual processing in VDMX and projection mapping via MadMapper. A pair of laptops were connected via ethernet and all the various pieces communicated via Midi messages.

Not as wind resistant as one would like.


design papers
making paper
frame for pyramid
control panels
Control Panel knobs
first test
at dusk