Sylvan Series: Orphic

1.28.17 | Volunteer Park Conservatory | Seattle

My first installment as part of the Sylvan series, produced by Lusio. My piece was designed to be high-energy and very responsive to audio, as it was situated in the same room as audio artist Orqid. Imagery cycled through several sets randomly, with hue and brightness and mix being tied to specific frequency bands in the music. I relied on beat detection (the software determines the BPM of the music) to structure changes along with the music, and to trigger and modify real time filtering and distortion.

The video was projection-mapped onto a series of translucent plastic strips, sunk in a planting bed among flowers using VDMX and MadMapper. Content was a combination of videography and generated material, edited and/or created in both Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects.