Hanging Sculptures at Lusio Lights

March/April 2019 | Seattle, WA

I built two of these hanging sculptures for Lusio Lights in 2019. For the piece at Seattle's  Volunteer Park Conservatory (video), I quickly constructed and hung a three-dimensional configuration, then mapped visuals specifically to each of the panels. This was a sound responsive piece, intended to create high-energy, and to respond to loud ambient music. I was able to make complicated pattern changes based on audio frequency and magnitude. 

The next month I went with Lusio Lights to Tacoma, and hung a single larger piece in the WW Seymour Conservatory (photos), with a similar intent, but having spent more time programming patterns onto the grid.

Features: detailed projection mapping, mapping onto a grid of panes. Shows the ability to map specific imagery and filters onto individual tile segments.