Lusio Lights at Volunteer Park Conservatory

1.20.18 | Volunteer Park Conservatory | Seattle

A fundraiser by Lusio for and at the Volunteer Park Conservatory. I was asked to again hang something in the fern room. I built a series of objects out of translucent paper, folded and faceted like gems. I consider the whole cluster to be organic in nature: some basic rules governed the design, but no two objects are alike.  Overall the piece moved repeatedly through a bloom-like cycle, from relative quiescence in a blue/green palette, to high levels of activity and textural change in bright reds, golds and blues, and then back.

Each face, or facet, of every object was individually mapped using MadMapper. The content was created in both MadMapper and VDMX and had audio reactive elements built into both applications. I used Nodal as a logical 'driver' for the piece, which controlled the 'blooming' cycle by changing activity, brightness levels and color schemes over time, and by somewhat randomly mixing and matching content sets for the 'blooms'.