Design Studio | Westcott House

2008 - present | Springfield, OH

As a principal at The Now Device, I co-developed this multi-media summer studio with the Westcott House in 2008 and I’ve been teaching it most years since then. The house, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is both our laboratory and inspiration.  

In 2018 we returned to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, and the nearby Kentuck Knob house in Pennsylvania. Students stayed overnight in brand new facilities on Fallingwater's property, and spent time drawing, photographing, and absorbing the house and environs. This experience heavily informed their final projects.

The studio always focuses on video-based visual art, sometimes including audio components. Students dig into photography, videography, video editing, projection and projection-mapping all wrapped around design process thinking and artistic intent.

In recent years, students have been creating multi-source, multi-surface A/V installations, focusing on various experiential aspects of the house and its environment.