CoHabit at Borealis Festival


October 2018 | Seattle, WA

This was loosely projection mapped onto a collection of translucent objects, which were meant to look as though they had grown onto the building. A dangling microphone collected sound from the crowd and from ambient street noise, and would increase the energy and color of the projections as volume levels rose.

The theme of the first Borealis Festival of Light was transformation. 'CoHabit' was meant to explore transformation through the colonization of the built environment by an apparently synthetic life form. The individuals pieces were inspired by colonizing organisms like barnacles or lichens.  My original idea was to place more objects each night so that the colony would grow a bit over the course of the festival. Because the site I ended up with was high up and had limited access, this proved logistically too challenging.

Features: Detailed projection mapping, sound responsiveness, interactivity.