December 2020 - January 2021 | Seattle, WA

I built this site-specific installation at Axis Pioneer Square with Sophia WheelWright for the 'Lusio Lights Pioneer Square' event which was produced over the winter for the Alliance for Pioneer Square.

We created an expressive mesh sculpture which directly addressed, and was attached to, the generous space inside Axis Pioneer Square. The sculpture flowed from a point on the brick wall, and was covered with mapped projections. Gradual changes in the light and video content transformed the floating, transparent form into something with its own story, something to contemplate and experience. We created two, 7  minute sequences, each of which used light and water - derived imagery and patterns to move through a series of states, lights and moods in two color palettes. Observers could happen upon the piece at any part of the sequence and be rewarded with different sections upon repeated viewings.

During the installation we realized that overspill from the projectors onto the surrounding walls could be crafted and used to help anchor the piece in the real space. We ended up designing changing content for several of those surfaces as well.

We used one (older) Macbook Pro, two projectors and much, much metal mesh for the installation. Visual content was created from our own collected video and was sequenced and mapped using MadMapper.